Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Scrabble Cake

I don't know where I come up with these things. 

From this previous post, you'll recall my love for birthdays - specifically the birthdays of others. I like love my own special day (WHAT UP 6-17?!?!) But, I find helping the people I love celebrate their day is much more special. Since it's pin seems to be seeing some action. By action I mean more that one person I don't know/am not following, repinned it. I figured it should have it's own blog post, since it's more than just your typical birthday cake.
Just to refresh your memory...Behold...
Sue's daughter Emily <3's Instagram like I love Hipstamatic. Which is a LOT.

Each tile is an individual square of lemon cake. Wilton makes a silicone mini brownie pan (Here it is on After pulling out the travel Scrabble I mapped out the correct tile placement. Anyone who knows Susan knows she wouldn't be able to point out if it wasn't accurate. All in love, all in jest - but don't make the mistake of challenging her as to Scrabble words. Had I been more adventurous/serving a lot of people. I could have  made a sheet cake with the board on it and made each cake square the actual tile. Next time. 
To get the colors I mixed food coloring and some black gel to get the dusty rose and deeper blue. It was mostly trial by error trying to find the right mix to match the colors on the older boards - the classic versions. I scored the letter in the frosting withe a toothpick and used Duff Goldman (of Ace Of Cakes fame!) candy writer to write the letters. A toothpick dipped created the #'s 2,3&4. The 1's, the number I need most often, are jimmies.
I wish there were more pictures of this, Oh well. That's how it goes sometimes. When trying to decide how to celebrate a friends birthday I do it a little backwards, I go with things I know about them then try to spin it. Last summer, about a week after this Scrabble cake endeavor, my father was presented with his own Jeopardy! cake. 
Dad's dream categories.
 Clearly this pan, at a whopping $3, was a good buy. It's gonna get a LOT of use! Maybe I'll even make brownies in it.

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