Monday, February 13, 2012

Seashells by the... bedside?

To be fair, the vast majority come from the seashore, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Alboran to be exact. Others come from various islands, Mexico and costal Maine. I'm that person who takes seashells even when I'm told not to. Do I have a problem? Do I like to challenge authority. Or, am I a typical Italian with sticky fingers? One can't be entirely sure.

This is all in a round about way to talking about my bedside table that was a "reuse it or lose it" challenge to myself. I was given a small patio set from the lovely Susan. Two chairs and a high, round wrought iron table. The table had a glass top and pretty lines, but was also home to some rusted iron grapes, leaves, and curls. The table had such promise! I knew the voice would haunt me until I gave in "must.paint.white". (Could you resist it?!? Be honest)

In a typical shocking turn of events I got a little too excited and starting clipping away with wire cutters before I took pictures. Once I regained a smidgen of self-control, (aka: don't throw those all out if you want even a semblance of a before pic!!) I salvaged this grape cluster and leaf. But this had easily a dozen of each and some were on there quite tight.

Glass top returned after snipping off all the foliage.

 See? Pretty lines! Ohh-Ahh. Next step - taking the legs off - luckily an easy task - just a few screws and it's in two pieces. I started the project later into the evening that I would have liked so the pictures lack some clarity. But, you must give in to the creative juices when the are a'flowin.

I <3 Rustoleum!

Again, I was struck with inspiration to finish the project soon after moving in this apartment so there are no pictures of the process - just the finished project. Behold!

 Let's go in for a closer look...

and closer still...

All of the shells I have collected over the years. I never quite knew what to do with them until this project. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit and then covered it with a white-on-white paisley patterned fabric so that the shells could be the stars of the show. I guess I'm drawn to neutrals. Go figure. Next I put a drop of hot glue on the back of each shell and quickly set a pin into the glue and poked them through the fabric and carboard. This way the shells wouldn't move around. Also, if I decided down the road to use the table in another way the shells aren't ruined. Things always evolve and change to suit your needs. No telling where these beauties will end up. But, for now I'm in love with their home. It's a little sad the table sits on my side of the bed and therefore not in plain view to guests. Now it's gotten it's own blog post, so there!

Here's what it looks like on a daily basis, or this afternoon, at least. 

A basket for tissues, ear plugs, sleep mask, hand cream and such. A small glass dish for lip balm, bobby pins, hair elastics and a few mints. Dick Van Dyke's Autobiography from the library - I'm an old lady, I'm well aware, I've always been this way. The frosted lamp has four strings of snowflake lights strategically placed to make a light for my nightstand. It can be difficult here, since there are 4 outlets in the entire apartment. Not counting what appliances are using. So,you make do. 

Necessity is the catalyst for craftiness. Think that'll catch on? Let's try. I can't invent - but I can craft.

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