Saturday, January 21, 2012

Room With a View

How different many places have you slept in? Either in the place you call home or where you're calling home for the next week, or even, just tonight. I couldn't even begin to count. Five European trips, Mexico, two cruises, countless Walt Disney World vacations, various US Cities & friends spare beds. Fortune is something not many people can claim in their life. In terms of travel I feel as if I'm luckier than many. For example, neither of my parents have been abroad. Dad traveled the US while with in the Air Force, the furthest he's been is Alaska. Mom has not been further. 
My first desire when I get to a new hotel is to see the view. (Ok, it's usually to unpack - at least my toiletries - but we're talking about views here!) Sadly, it's often completely lackluster. This is where I would insert a picture of a horrible view from a hotel window. But, truth be told - if it ain't pretty I ain't taking a picture. Just visualize back alleys so small you can toss TP to your neighbor if they are in need. Another with unobstructed views since there was a serious lack of curtains. Or the ever popular parking lot - that's typical since paying for a view is just silly. It should be the bonus to a room, not the focus. If you care enough to pay for a view then you are spending too much time in the room. Period.

The only allowance I'll give is for getting a balcony on a cruise - but that's really not for the view, per say. But - you do get photos like this:
Aboard Freedom of the Seas (RC) Oct. 2006

All of my travels to Europe have been as part of a tourgroup which is geared toward the high school students that I chaperoned. Side note: I use "chaperone" loosely, some of these kids are some the most wonderful I've ever encountered. They are slowly becoming adults and will make great contributions to this world. I'm thrilled and honored to have shared such an amazing time in life with them. Anyway - getting back to the topic at hand - the tours are meant to be "affordable" to a family with children in their teens rapidly approaching college and therefore the accommodations aren't anything like what you think of when you think of traveling Europe. Most times you stay far outside the city you're visiting and aren't near any kind of landmark. 

When you go to Venice, you aren't getting views like Katharine Hepburn in Summertime. Or views of the Duomo in Florence. Or the Ruins of Rome. But, staying outside of cities gives you the ability to go to local shops, restaurants and sometimes you'll have an amazing view right out your hotel window. If you're lucky. 
A view of Vesuvius. Vico Esquisa,Italy. April 2006

Outside of the Cinque Terre region, Italy. April 2007.

Outside Lucernce, Switzerland. April 2008.
Vesuvius, April 2009. Yup. Still there. 
Cancun, Mexico. October 2008. We arrived in the evening and were greeted in the morning to Darlene yelling "Wake up! It's morning! And there's something in my water!" - she wanted crystal clear blue water. Poor thing. 

The luckiest I've ever been with a view is the one that is right outside my living room window. You catch a glimpse (although it's at night) of the view if you watched the video in the Welcome post.
 I've become only slightly obsessed completely entranced by the view. It's my second favorite photography subject (save my incredibly photogenic niece & nephew).

It's the same view over and over, I'm well aware. But it's RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. And this morning I was rewarded with this:

Ah, it's almost prettier this way. Almost. 

Outside to shovel now. Pretty to look at - not so much with the shoveling and having to go to work, make a living, afford the view. 
Totally. Worth. It.

Happy Saturday.

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