Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"So, this is the hallway."

Let's start with my pride and joy. The hallway. It was dubbed as such the day after I moved in by Adrienne while touring the new place. It's a tiny space between my living room and bedroom that has a heinous exposed (painted the same color as the wall) pipe right in the middle of the "outside" wall. The "inside" wall has what used to be built in shelving and a slant. 
To distract from the pipe I chose to make it into a gallery style picture hallway. I thought of many things first: A full length mirror? I have no insecurities, but does anyone want to walk by a full length mirror that often? No. Paint the pipe to look like a tree? Yes, I'll admit I entertained that for a second. Truth be told, there wasn't really enough space to make it fully functioning. It now houses an old, beaten down, apothecary chest that was my grandmothers. I vow to refinish it this summer. 
Since I, unfortunately didn't snap the "before" or "during" pictures - you'll only get the finished result. Suffice to say it's miles better than the blank slate I started with.

Outside Wall

Couldn't fit in all in one picture (it's a small space!). So, you get two.

The "Inside" wall

Did I mention it's a small space?

I used many white frames from all sorts of sources, Ikea (the bulk came from here), TJMaxx, Homegoods, gifts, Christmas Tree Shops, Target, etc. Nothing over a few dollars. Let's get into details. How & what I used, including my own definition of "art". Don't think you'll hurt my feelings if you stop reading halfway. It's a lot of photos and words and I'm totally fine if all this is interesting only to me. Many things are.

A Postcard from Nubble Lighthouse in York, Beach Maine. August 2009.

Amy, Myself & Jen in a ivory sequined frame. September 2010

This is more crafty: box frame, corkboard, scrapbook paper. I put saved fortunes, a bead and pin. A hydrant frame w/Molly's face & a treasure box from WDW.

Ceramic from Taormina, Sicily. 2009

Graphic tissue paper makes a great background for a (carefully) cut out Dahlia magazine photo.

Scrapbook paper, an Ikea frame and a photo from my mom's 2nd birthday. It's a painfully cute photo that I don't know if she's aware I have. (Hi Mom!)

A Thift store, $2 sketch of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. This was was much larger, professionally framed when I bought it - but the frame was black so, it was destined to be changed. Don't ask me why there is a gondola...

Fenway Park. Love that dirty water.

The very much missed, Miss Molly.

My "K". Wooden craft store letter & spray paint. Don't be surprised if the color gets changed.

A framed postcard of one of my favorite pieces of Disney Art, "Puppy Love".

Some scrapbook paper, a photo of Adrienne and me on the plane to Switzerland 2008. And the silver dolphin place card holder from her wedding this past summer.

Graffiti of loved ones names outside Juliet's house. Verona, Italy 2008.

Dianna & her bridal party @ her shower. March 2011

Photo strip from Sailsbury Beach. August 2011. I really should frame that. It's currently hanging up with painters tape.

Target sparkle frame w/Angela & me at the Spanish Steps. Rome, Italy 2006

Ikea frame, yellow tissue paper, card stock and a photo of my Grammie, Dad & me at Easter. Saugus 1988?

Terra cotta shop. Taormina, Sicily 2009.
A piece of Terra Cotta bought from that shop in 2006. (the '09 shop photo came out WAY better!)

Santa Maria del Fiore (Il Duomo) Florence, Italy 2007.

My niece, Rosalie all pretty for her date. 2011

 The inside wall.
Ikea frame, after Xmas (aka cheap!) wrapping paper & a Flamenco Dancer watercolor from Spain. February 2008

Painted terra cotta flower from Mexico, October 2008.

Silver snowflake. And the reflection of my iPhone.

My nephew, Stanley and his weird sleeping spots. 2011

Chalk drawing a friend did of my name in high school. Circa 2000. Wow.

The cow Ish bought with his arcade winnings in York. August 2011.

Ish & Me @ Fenway Park. July 2011

Two rosaries. Both from Vatican City. The silver I got in 2009. The blue my grandfather Mario purchased in the 60's when he returned to see his family.

Framed card Jen brought me back from India. 2009

Cork board and a cut out postcard. I wrote "love is all you need" around the heart with a sharpie. I bought that postcard in college and the cork was a quarter at Staples on clearance years ago. I consider that free.

Painted moon from Cozumel, Mexico. October 2006.

A poppy in the Roman Ruins. April 2009. Man, I miss that camera.

Cardstock and the fortune I received in Salem Willows on my birthday 2009.

My favorite Meryl Streep quote, written in sharpie on the glass and used cardstock for a background.

An incredible frame from Ikea w/cardstock and an Emerson quote magnet.

Etsy art of my girl, Mary Richards. Elloh is the artist (her store). Great pop culture stuff!

And, in the interest of full disclosure. The rest of the hallway.

This apothecary chest I remember being in my grandmothers living room when I was growing up. Somewhere along the way my teenage, boy cousins inherited it - hence the damage. But, I will make it beautiful again. Yup, I said it TWICE. 
On the chest you'll see a framed photo from this past Christmas of Ish & me. A snowflake illuminary, snowflake tin box, my Italy Fund piggy bank (bought long before I ever went!), Figment from WDW & Condorito, my yellow horseshoe bird - for now, he migrates. Oh, and can you spot the little yellow "etc"?? - it's drying, but will be on that wall, somewhere, soon. 

I'm all for buying decor for your home if it speaks to you. But for $40 at TJMaxx it better sweep me off my feet & treat me like the lady I deserve. Personal art makes things more homey. Every time I walk through I smile because everything in that room is a personal, happy memory. Your home should reflect you & what/who you love - at least, my home should.


  1. ...and she's off! Very nice - can't wait to see what you post next! Love the etc. Condorito is soo photogenic. Beyonce, there's a new sheriff in town!

  2. I love love love your blog - and your hallway!!! Can't wait to read more! But I'm lucky enough to have seen it in person :). <3 A